Tattoos by Ella

My name is Ella. I have been tattooing professionally since 2004. I have spent most of that time here at my shop, 717 Tattoo.

I am not sure if I will ever get used to feeling that we just opened yesterday, while at the same time feeling as though we are light years away from where we started. I enjoy a lot of diversity in my career and I generally try to not get pigeon-holed into one type or genre of tattooing. I certainly enjoy some subject matter over others. I draw and paint much of the female face and figure and that falls over into my tattooing.

As far as style, I suppose I get put into a more neo-traditional category and I do a lot of fine line, detailed stuff. If I don’t think i can do your tattoo justice, I will be the first to let you know. I’ve prided myself on hiring a diverse, talented crew of tattooers at my shop so there is always someone I can refer you to who will be able to do the job right.

As far as my personal life, I thoroughly enjoy large varieties of music, video games (mostly FPS), comics (not of the superhero type), movies(mostly horror/thriller), painting (forever experimenting), photography(mostly of bugs), bug collecting (specializing in beetles), and tinkering of all sorts. I do a lot of traveling and have my entire life, although right now it’s mostly for tattoo conventions.

Ella works out of our Harrisburg location

Customer Reviews

Everyone working at 717 are friendly, don't mind starting random conversations to get your mind occupied while getting tattooed or pierced. They always can make you laugh or smile with the respect they give. I enjoy my experiences. Thanks.
Alexia McIntyre
I chose 717 and Ella because of all the wonderful word of mouth advertising. This was my first tattoo that I waited years to get because I wasn't sure what I wanted or how I wanted it. I know I wanted something that meant something to me. I explained to Ella what I wanted and she AMAZED me with what she drew. Loved it from the picture to the ink. It was truly awesome. I never imagined that he would have turned out so well. We laughed, talked, listened to awesome music and I felt comfortable from the time I walked in the door. It was an awesome time. I would never go anywhere but 717. My whole family goes there for tattoos and piercings. Awesome people, equal awesome work
LaRita Thompson
I went to 717 Tattoo back in July, with my tattoo idea. I planned on just having a bird with the song lyrics that I wanted tattooed on my hip. But Ella went beyond my idea and the tattoo ended up looking amazing! 717 is a great place to get your tattoo done: the environment is clean, they are professional, and I felt comfortable the entire time. I get compliments on my tattoo all the time, and I plan to come back and get another one soon!
Ann-Marie Phillips
I walked into the shop today with hopes I could get a tattoo that I’ve been waiting forever to get. I was greeted by Ella and she did nothing but make me feel right at home, taking me in right on the spot. I couldn’t be more pleased with her work. Awesome is an understatement. I now know who my new tat artist will be. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience.
Laura J
Ella Trick is hands down the best artist around. We recently had tattoos done by her and she went above and beyond our expectations and blew us away. They both healed up nicely and look just as good now as when they were first done. I will be back to see her for my next tattoo. I HIGHLY recommend her! She sometimes can be booked full but that shows how good her work is and she is worth the wait. Go see Ella for your next tattoo, you won’t regret it.
Kari P
I’ve been in the Harrisburg location several times, for my own tattoos and my wife’s tattoos and piercings. I had been in several studios before with others, and I was comparatively impressed at all facets of 717. The layout is clean and simple, the artists all seem to be friendly and genuinely interested to talk to anyone in the store. The artists were all professional and easy to talk to. It makes it very at ease for somebody who may be nervous going in. The overall experience is really a 10, but I don’t want to select that and be made a liar if I do go somewhere else. I don’t plan to live in Harrisburg forever, so it’s quite possible that’ll be the case.
Brandon McLaughlin
Ella Trick is one of the most eclectic and inspiration women in the tattoo community. The true pioneer of women’s entrepreneur spirit and power to manage businesses, make dreams and visions reality, and one of the best tattoo artists with integrity in central pa. She has truly made a wonderful business and is a wonderful artist and that is not limited to tattooing. The rest of the crew is just as wonderful. It’s really wonderful to see them grow as a business and I hope they continue to grow the 717 army.
Erica B