Piercings by Gep

Mark Gephart

I’ve been piercing since 1997. I started piercing because I was tired of getting sub-par quality piercings at area shops and I thought I could do a better job. I love my job, and I especially love any kind of creative piercing. Over the next few years I hope to get into more extreme body mods. My favorite part of my job is meeting new people every day and seeing them leave with a smile on their face.

When I’m not piercing, I spend my time snowboarding, supporting local music and tubing with the Harrisburg Tube Crew. I definitely have a sweet tooth and I love it when I get tipped with candy!

Gep Works Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat At Our Mechanicsburg Shop.

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Customer Reviews

Great prices, great people, and a great time altogether. It’s a relaxed environment, clean and definitely not gritty feeling like some other tattoo places tend to be. The employees are happy to be there and enjoy what they’re doing, which makes the experience that much better. Gotten 3 things done at 2 different 717 locations, and definitely have a lot more planned in the future!
Olivia Patton
I have gotten two dermals done here, and just about 20 mins ago I got my industrial done. He said it was one of the most painful piercings, though I didn’t think so, haha. But anyway, I chose trustworthy cause they are always very honest about what piecing you’re getting, how much it’ll hurt, the healing process, etc. Also, very honest about why they don’t do a certain piercing. I’ve also got tattoos from here as well, all very beautifully done. 🙂 I have gone other places for body mods, but there’s always something that the other people mess up.. which leaves me unhappy. 717 never lets me down. It’s always perfection when you go here. Thanks for your awesome services! You have a lifetime customer right here 😀
Mattie Mundy
Their knowledge, courtesy, friendly, the quality of the tattoos and Piercing, the satisfaction after the work is done, they care for their customers, they treat you as friend, I visit they still remember me and my family. You guys you are the best!!! Just need to visit any of the locations and then you know what I mean, cant wait to go back to have other tattoo and piercing done…
Maria Arroyo
My husband and I had been talking about getting my nipples pierced for a few months and I was very hesitant about it, but I really wanted to do it. We came across Gep at The Saturdays Market in Middletown, and talked to him about it. We had been to a few other shops and weren’t very comfortable with them. He had answers for all of our questions and we had been hearing a lot of positive things about 717. I decided to go through with it and went to the shop later that day. I thought, “This is going to be really uncomfortable having another man that I don’t even know touching that area of my body with my husband standing right there.” lol Gep was completely professional, and it wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. My husband even felt at ease with the whole thing because of his professionalism. I love my piercings, and show them off at every rally we attend! lol Thanx 717!
Denise O'Brian
Gep is the absolute best! Took my 50 year old mother to get a piercing there and she loved it! I never go anywhere else!
Kaitlyn Lucas
I feel as though Gep was a wonderful piercer. I was hesitant to finally get a nose ring, but when I did, I chose Gep. I have heard horror stories about what infections people get from piercings such as the nose and so I was a bit hesitant. But, trusting the reputation of 717 Tattoo and their crew of highly skilled employees, I decided to go ahead and get pierced. Gep was calm, thorough, and knowledgeable. I wouldn’t hesitate to be pierced by him again! My piercing is healed beautifully all with the help with Gep and the 717 Tattoo shop. Thanks again and keep up the stellar work guys! I will definitely be back to get my first tattoo soon!
Lizz Chavey
Everyone was quick to help. They were sociable. It was a very business casual environment. GEP is amazing. I’ve had my nose and chest dermal done by him. He’s very fun! I love my dermal! Definitely will be back!
Danielle Nally
Everyone has their own thing going on. They have an individual style that can appeal to literally anyone that walks in. Gep and Stephan are awesome.
Kayla Cosby
Gep pierced my wife's nipples 2 years back and I’ll tell ya, I was a little eh bout another guy messin' with her tits but he was absolutely professional!!!! You guys do it right. keep up the good work!
Bill O'Brian
I’m scared to death of needles, but of course, I love getting pierced and tattooed. I wouldn’t go to anyone but Gep for a piercing. He’s concentrated on his work, and he explains the process well. He did a thorough consultation for my septum piercing, even discussing placement so that I could tuck it up easily and so that it would suit the proportions of my face (not hang too low). Thanks Geppy, I’ll be back!
Alainna Winters
I got my first tattoo and my first “different” kind of piercing there and the atmosphere and ppl made me feel comfortable. I have referred several ppl for tattoos and piercing a be side I had a great overall experience. I got a tattoo and then got a piercing. Because I was on blood thinners, when I got the piercing I started to bleed bad and basically passed out. Gep helped me and took care of me and I was very grateful. Stephen even offered me food and I was very happy leaving. Everything turned out great! I love 717
Ami Miller
Gep is always great with answering any piercing questions I have and when I go in all the employees are always friendly! Anyone working always says hi and that just makes it an awesome place to visit! 🙂Always a great experience!
Becky Moore-Bedford
I have had both piercings by Gep and tattoos done at 717 and I have always left pleased and thrilled with the end result. Gep is very knowledgeable with his piercing and aftercare and the entire team at 717 always puts time and effort into their customers. The shops are also ALWAYS spotless and it ‘s good to know your getting quality work, quality care in a clean environment..I highly recommend Gep and the 717 crew for your piercings and tattoo experiences.
Missy Coots
Gep did the majority of my piercings. I recently came in to get my hood done. I was scared shitless!!! I mean who wouldn’t be? I was showing my lady parts to him! As always, Gep remained calm and professional. He sanitized the area before and after the procedure, allowed me to look to see if the placement was right, and he told me what he was going to do prior to doing it. Gep made me feel completely comfortable during the whole process. Gep is the man!!! I wouldn’t go to anyone else.
It is always exciting coming in2 the shop for something new, & the piercers & tattoo artists can always make you laugh & start a good conversation to make you feel comfortable.
Alexia McIntyre
I have gotten 3 piercings from Gep and am very happy with the service he provided. He is the first piercer I’ve gone to where I feel comfortable and in good hands. I trust him with the whole process of placement, cleanliness, and the piercing process itself (with counting and breathing instructions). I will go to him and recommend him to friends for any piercing needs. Seeing as I’ve only gotten piercings from this studio, I am looking forward to getting my next tattoo from the 717 clan! Hoping to do so within the next few months 🙂
Taylor C
I came in with a female friend for a rather “personal” piercing; a birthday present for her. I have known Gep as a friend for a few years, but even so. I was totally impressed with his professional nature. He answered ALL her questions and was very patient and explained the entire procedure beforehand. He made everyone relax and enjoy the experience…AND, the piercing looks great! Yes, great shop! Clean, open and friendly. A well run business, the support and accessories are there when needed!
Bill Viney
The area was clean, had jewelry to choose from, not to mention they sell aftercare products right on the spot. Also, they were professional and got things done quick. I love my dermal. Can’t wait to get another one. It’s addicting and Gep did an excellent job! Some places don’t give you a count down or ask you to breathe deeply in and out during the process. He also made sure I was fine to stand up afterwards. Again, very impressed overall. 🙂
Dannis Gonzales
Even though I have been friends with Gep for a while, everyone in the shop was welcoming and inviting. I’ve been to shops where I’ve been almost snubbed by the artists that wasn’t coming to see. This felt more like being brought into a family. I love the fact that there are so may ways to connect with the shop and the artists, as well as the range of skill sets available.
Reni Valentine
Had my dermal done by Gap and I am absolutely loving it. It’s the first piercing I’ve had that is cooperating and healing nicely. Definitely going back for more!
Amber Dodson
Got my tragus done today by Gep, it was spur of the moment decision with a friend. He took the time to explain what he was going to do, helped put me at ease when he started, and thoroughly explained the after care. I will be going to him again.
Gep did my Daith piercing about 3 months ago. He is really easy going, tells you what’s going on, and I was surprised that I hardly felt anything. This is my first non-traditional piercing and he told me to take my time if I needed to lay there for a little bit, but I was able to get right up and go. The aftercare instructions were great and I was able to sleep with my head on that side after about 9 days. If I get another piercing I will definitely go back!