Tattoos by Jackie

I have always been driven to accomplish as much as possible. I realize that nothing worthwhile comes easy! I have been tattooing since 2001 now and feel excited to learn and grow in the world of this amazing art.

I feel my strengths are black and grey work, I enjoy doing portraits, animals, anything realistic. The thing I find most rewarding about tattooing is the joy I get from clients when I can bring their idea to life with the talents I have been blessed with. I know I still have much to learn and grow in this art, and hope to be tattooing until I’m old and grey! Thanks for reading!

Jackie works Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat at our Columbia shop.

Customer Reviews

I’ve gone to Jackie for the past 4 years and I’ve loved every single tattoo I’ve gotten from her. She created my entire arm piece and I’ve gotten nothing but amazing compliments on it and how well it is done. Definitely recommend her for anyone!
Jackie was really great to have as my tattoo artist. She made great conversation the entire time while always making sure i was comfortable and checking to make sure I was happy with everything she was going to do. Jackie was really pleasant to be around. I got my tattoos before from the old owner of the shop before it was 717 so I was unsure of changing tattoo artist, and as much as I loved the work the other artist did I was glad to have Jackie, she was great to be around and fun to talk to.
Nicole King
Jackie is beyond awesome you go to Jackie with an idea and she collaborate with you to get you the best piece possible don’t ever be afraid to bring a suggestion to Jackie show work with you I can think of no better artist to deal with my artwork then Jackie… I love the Jackie getting excited as I do about working on a new piece coming up with great ideas
Dwayne Oblender Myers
I got my first tattoo at age 55. My son and daughter in law and family always told me about the wonderful work done at the now, 717Tattoo in Columbia. Jackie was FANTASTIC! She smiled, explained everything that was going to happen, before and during and explained everything I had to do after my tattoo. I brought my own picture for my tattoo and Jackie did EXCEPTIONAL work! I am coming back in October, from Arizona, because NO ONE will EVER give me another tattoo BUT JACKIE! I plan on getting at least 1 tattoo and possibly 1 AND a touch up on my original one then! JACKIE IS THE BOMB!
Donna Jackson
With this being my first tattoo, I felt Jackie was as excited as I was doing my tattoo. You can tell that Jackie enjoys her profession. Anything Else You Want To Add? I waited almost 50 years to get a tattoo. Jackie did such an amazing job. Could not be more pleased, can’t wait to get my second tattoo!!
Rich Harris
The work that I have from Jackie is absolutely the best and I’m sure I couldn’t have gotten a better tattoo anywhere else! Jackie Rocks!
Scott Higgins
Because Jackie is the best! Her attention to detail and professionalism has made me a customer for life!!! The best place….HANDS DOWN!!
Isaac Green
Jackie is an amazing artist. She can always draw up exactly what I want, every time. And goodness knows, she’s extremely patient! She is the only artist who’ll tattoo me. Thank you for all of your hard work Jackie, you’re the best!
Mel Kneisley
I have been going to Jackie for a few years now and she is great. You tell her what you are looking for and in a few days she has drawn up exactly what you were looking for. She is great. Jackie is the only one my family goes to. I don’t mean to sound biased but when you find a great tattoo artist you want to keep going back. And we do.
Judith Reisinger-Bradley
After looking at Jackie’s portfolio online, I knew she was gonna give me exactly the tattoo I wanted but I’ve gotta say, she freaking blew my design out of the water!!! She took my design and tweaked it and it turned out better than I had ever imagined! My husband was so impressed by Jackie’s skill, he set up an appt for a Jackie original in May. Thank you sooooooo much Jackie, you are AMAZEBALLS! No way…could anyone have done better with the design I gave you! Looking forward to my second Dali inspired tat in the future;)
Jackie’s amazing! I feel incredibly fortunate to have had her do my first tattoo (and all tattoos to follow). She completely put me at ease, made sure I was comfortable (to the point where I almost fell asleep on the table) and created an amazing realistic work of art that I will love forever. If you’re a newbie like me, go to Jackie! You can trust her to create something you’ll love and make it come to life with a gentle touch.
Because I had went to another shop which my cousin told me to go to so I did and they treated me like total ass (Not 717 of course). I was promised by the owner, yes owner that he would do my tattoo (which I am so glad he didn’t because Jackie is simply an amazing tattoo artist). Anyway go down there blah blah blah everything all set to go being promised I would get a phone call the next day because he was drawing it up. No phone call. I call him, he’s not there. Try the next day and the next same story. So the last day I called I told them that you tell him this is definately NOT how you run a business. Promising people you will do their tattoo and not respond. Why couldn’t he have just said I can’t do it!! That’s when I found Jackie. Riley said stop up at a certain time to see what I want and that Jackie would be there and she was. Everything from that first phone call went so smooth and I can’t wait to come back and get it finished and get more. THAT IS business-like to me. Jackie you’re the best!! Thank you sooo much. By the way my mother cried at my tattoo cause she thought it was so amazing. I can’t wait to see her expression when his eyes are done.
Darla Kissinger
Jackie always always does a wonderful job. I believe her work is superb. I chose that word because that is how I feel about every interaction and tattoo that I have received from Jackie. After working with Jackie I will never go anywhere else. It doesn’t matter that I have to wait 3 months when I call for an appointment. She is 100% worth the wait. It just goes to show how good she is to have to wait that long to get an appointment. Jackie is always very professional but fun at the same time. Great conversation and always does as much as she can to make sure you are comfortable. Both of the tattoos I have gotten from her have been of tremendous quality! I am not very creative so I just give her a few things to work with and she does the rest. She always comes up with the best ideas of what I want. She draws it up and I say that is exactly it!!
Gwen Charles