Piercings by Rev

Body Mod / suspension artist from Frederick Maryland.

I came to 717 Tattoo in 2009

I Specialize in extreme body mod work (thermal and electro cautery branding, scarification, implanting, and body suspension.)

I have been into primitive and ritual piercing/body mod work since I was a small child.

Rev works Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri at our Harrisburg shop.

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Customer Reviews

I used the word fun to describe my experience at 717 because it was just that…FUN! Rev did not make me uncomfortable, he was nice, made jokes, and made me feel welcome. I will be stopping in at the Harrisburg location to set up a tattoo appointment with my mother, and two sisters! See you soon. 🙂
Kaitlin Byrnes
Everyone is always so happy to help you with whatever it is you need. All of you make me smile. 😀
Shaneese Keister
This was my first time getting anything done here, and I was definitely impressed enough to want to come back! I had an awesome experience with my piercing and can’t wait to come back for an equally awesome tattoo experience!
Maggie Troutman
Everyone is so fun and hilarious. Rev never ceases to make me laugh. 717 is the best by far! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!
Maddie Snow
I walked in and was greeted by Rev himself. I flooded him with a ton of questions and within seconds I knew he was the one. I have seen him twice and have a very long list of things I’m coming back for. The feedback, answering questions, explaining how to care for my piercings, all was worth my time and I’m grateful he took his time to do so. He does his job very well, and I do believe this is just his way of life. What I liked the most that made me very comfortable is that Rev took the time to ask me questions. And in between him getting ready I asked a few questions from other staff and got the best advice. Love this shop. Love the atmosphere. Really hated the idea of moving to Harrisburg, but this shop and Rev is making living here much better!!!!
Amanda Laird
Rev was very professional and highly skilled. He did my industrial piercing with virtually no pain (it actually felt really good, but maybe that’s just me). The placement is perfect and I was very impressed by his skill. It was also time saving, high quality, friendly, exciting, fun, sterile and convenient. I would recommend anyone to get a piercing from Rev, he is an expert. I could not be happier with my piercing! I’m quite glad that I chose 717 Tattoo and Rev for my piercing. Professional, Clean, Comfortable, Relaxing. Great shop. Great people. I will be back for more mods.
Rev pierced my nipples (this was the 3rd time attempting this piercing) I had them pierced twice before by another artist in another location and they never healed right, always were super irritated. Rev pierced me back in may and I have NEVER been happier. They healed perfectly and sit beautifully. Pain was basically non-existant from start to finish. Tiny pinch and that was that. Thank you so much Rev for your patience and understanding with how shaky and nervous I was! I will never go anywhere or to anyone else ever again!!!! I will be back soon for some double piercings in my nose and tongue. I recommend Rev and 717 HBG to everyone I know who’s in the market for new piercings
Shannon Auditore
I chose exceptional because I love 717 Tattoo, and I will always recommend them to anyone. For both piercings and tattoos. Rev is my favorite piercer, and I’ll never go to anyone different. 717 Tattoo is by far the best anywhere around. 🙂
Brittnay Parker
I chose this word because right as I had walked into your shop, I got this positive vibe that inspired me to cover my canvas of a body. I loved the atmosphere, how it enticed me to be excited about the art that will forever be on me. Rev was very helpful in aiding me with my questions. I felt as though I was comfortable knowing that the artists here at 717 will be assisting me in the future pieces I plan to have put on me. Thanks for your awesome work! I’m thankful to have such a wonderful shop in a multitude of locations here in Pa! I love your shop and keep up the magnificent work!
Lizz Chavey
When I first walked into the shop I was greeted. Awhile I was with Rev he noticed how nervice I was. Just him the way he spoke to me calmed me. When people talk about getting a piercing I tell them to see Rev he is the best. 717 Tattoo is the best place to go when looking to look better naked.
William Rudy
When I came into the shop, he appointed me to see what I wanted but since I was nervous getting my first actual body piercing I was nervous. He had told me just to relax and calm and it was easy and calm having Ref be my piercer. I’m glad I got Rev to do my new piercing.
Christina Noaker
Rev was awesome! He really worked with me on my piercing and even though my septum was super crooked, he got it done. And it looks perfect to me. The experience was completely comfortable, fun, friendly and chill as was the environment. As enjoyable as a piercing experience could be and I couldn’t be more please with the result. I’m sure that if I had gone to see anyone else they would’ve left me with a crooked piercing because of my crooked septum, but Rev nailed it. I definitely recommend Rev and I can’t wait to go back to get my labret punched.
Bradley Harris
I had to get my hood ring put back in, which can be embarrassing. Rev made me feel welcome, relaxed, and not at all intimidated. Also, very gentle and painless. Even though this is a quick easy thing to have done by someone with his extensive qualifications, I have had not so good experiences in the past. Couldn’t recommend him more.
Joe Shoemaker
Rev is the best. I live close to a 717 tattoo in highspire, but I drive to jonestown road location to get any piercing done. Rev is the best. Straight forward and to the point. Very professional and great at making you feel comfortable. I have had both my daiths pierced, my nose, and both nipples by Rev. Great guy. I will definitely go to him for future piercing.
April Z
Rev is super dope! He did my 2 tongue piercings, my nipples and my belly piercings as well. He made me feel very comfortable.
I always feel welcomed in your shops. I’ve been to all but the Columbia location and I’ve received very excellent customer service at all locations. Everything is always opened in front of me and all aftercare is gone through. Any questions I have are answered and everyone is nice and very friendly. I love 717 Tattoo! I have a tattoo by Brad at the Harrisburg shop and 2 from Jon at the Mechanicsburg shop. I have quite a few piercings from Rev as well. Plan on a few more of both from you guys! You all rock!!!
April Myers
Rev was quick to do my industrial and it was clean and professional. I could tell Rev knew what he was doing and I could enjoy my piercing experience. I have 5 other piercings done by other piercers and rev was by far the best. 🙂 I love my new piercing!! Why go anywhere else?
Bryttany Duncker
Was very knowledgeable and honest with my questions and requests. Nice work!
Regan Mendoza
Rev is always a comfortable person to be around and makes your experience never frightening. It’s always done quick but also very professional. I’ve gotten my nose and belly button pierced here and I would never choose to go somewhere else to get a piercing. Rev is honestly the best.
Hayley Deichmiller
Rev is the absolute best. I’ve gotten all 12 of my piercings with him and wouldn’t go anywhere. I recommend him to everyone is considering getting anything done. I love this shop and will continue to go here whenever I get anything done. Tattoo or piercings
I stopped in a couple of weeks ago for a consultation about one of my piercings. I talk to Rev about placing and such. He was very helpful and knowledgeable. Then the opportunity arised for cause day. Piercings done yesterday for cause day. I love that 717 gives back to organizations! I was taken care of warmly by all employees. Rev did an amazing job with making me feel comfortable. Love the gentle technique of breathing in and breathing out.
Darla J
I’ve been a client of Rev’s for my piercings and body modification in progress I love the experience I get there every time I go it’s a simple and pleasant way to get a piercing and body modification!! I will continue my support to the shop!
Sebastian D
Not only did Rev hook me up with changing out 7 of my piercings and stretching my ears, he and his team were so incredibly helpful, upbeat, and AWESOME! Def recommending these guys 100% and coming back at any chance I can!
Rev did a scarification piece for me, he worked with me for nearly a year on getting the design exactly how I wanted it, and he was able to wild a scalpel like Picasso wielded a brush. It came out perfectly and I’m incredibly happy with it and the experience. Looking forward to getting more work done here.
Will J