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I am a Western PA native and received a BA in Fine Art from Indiana  University of Pennsylvania in 2004 with a concentration in Painting  and Drawing.  I began tattooing in 2011, having spent the intervening  years focused on local art and music scenes in Johnstown and  Pittsburgh, PA.  I moved to Central PA to join 717 Tattoo crew in July of 2014.

I like all styles of tattooing, but I particularly enjoy geometric,  abstract, and colorful work.  I also do a fair amount of (and enjoy)  the watercolor style of tattooing.  Anyone looking to get a tattoo in  this style should understand that it is a newer and often more  experimental style, and not all approaches will age the same.  I try  to apply the principles of traditional tattooing, including the use of  outlines and plenty of black for greater visual contrast and  longevity.  As with all tattoos, protection from the sun is so  important in keeping contrast and color over time.

I love my cats, art history, figurative artists, folk art, and  anything vintage. My art and tattoo work reflects these interests as  well.  I’m also craft hoarder, in addition to painting I often venture  into jewelry making, sewing, book and printmaking, usually while  watching an absurd amount of reality competition television or  listening to pop culture podcasts.

Laci works Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon at our Harrisburg shop.

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