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Piercing Prices

Single Earlobe $25.00
Upper Cartilage $35.00
Two Earlobes, Eyebrow, Single Nipple $40.00
Labret, Monroe, Tongue, Medusa, Navel,Nostril $45.00
Lip, One Dimple, Industrial, Tragus, Anti-Tragus, Conch, Outer-Conch, Septum, Daith, Rook, (single) Forward Helix, Snug, Microdermal $50.00
Orbital $60.00
Bridge $65.00
Both Nipples, Snakebite $70.00
Double Forward Helix $80.00
Triple Forward Helix, Two Dimples $100.00
Genital Piercings $80.00 and up. Piercers Discretion.

Add-Ons, Upgrades, and Extras (Available for some piercings)

Increase to 12 gauge $10.00
Increase to 10 gauge $10.00
Upgrade Initial Piercing Jewelry to Titanium (gem and no gem) $15.00
Upgrade Initial Piercing Jewelry to (steel with) Gem Stone(s) $10.00
Stretching – 18g to 12g $15.00
Stretching – 10g to 2g $20.00
Stretching – 0g to 1/2″g $30.00
Jewelry Change (price per piece) $5.00