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Piercing Prices

Single Earlobe
Upper Cartilage
Two Earlobes, Eyebrow, Single Nipple
Labret, Monroe, Tongue, Medusa, Navel,Nostril
Lip, One Dimple, Industrial, Tragus, Anti-Tragus, Conch, Outer-Conch, Septum, Daith, Rook, (single) Forward Helix, Snug, Microdermal
Both Nipples, Snakebite
Double Forward Helix
Triple Forward Helix, Two Dimples
Genital Piercings
$80.00 and up. Piercers Discretion.

Add-Ons, Upgrades, and Extras (Available for some piercings)

Increase to 12 gauge
Increase to 10 gauge
Upgrade Initial Piercing Jewelry to Titanium (gem and no gem)
Upgrade Initial Piercing Jewelry to (steel with) Gem Stone(s)
Stretching – 18g to 12g
Stretching – 10g to 2g
Stretching – 0g to 1/2″g
Jewelry Change (price per piece)