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Hi there! I’m Emily Knecht, and here’s a little bit about me. I’ve been tattooing since 2007, and although I’m very versatile in my styles, my favorite is realism work, especially portraits.
I got my start in tattooing by starting an apprenticeship in a no name town, and within a few months all I knew how to do was hold a machine, when my mentor passed away.
Since then, I’ve been primarily self taught, and over the years have been fortunate enough to work under some amazing artists and have picked up a lot of pointers that have brought me where I am today, with no plans of slowing down. I will forever be learning till the day I can no longer do this art form that I love.
I also enjoy all forms of art, and still draw, paint, and sculpt with any free time I find.
I’m also a big fan of photography, as I’m an alternative model as well as a tattoo artist. Art is my life, my passion, and my driving force to keep me shooting higher and higher.
Every time I see a client of mine happy with my work, it just tells me this is where I belong, with no chance of turning back.

Emily works Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat at our Mechanicsburg shop