Tattoos by Steve Gentile

My name is Steve Gentile, I’ve focused most of my life on artwork and learning how to utilize new methods and mediums.
I attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, I started as an illustration/ animation student and ended up in special effects makeup and prop building.
After I left Art Institute I attended Tom Savini’s school for special effects outside of Pittsburgh.
After all of the training in the special effects field I still missed illustration and painting, but I was not into the starving artist thing. I had always had an interest in tattooing and I thought maybe it was time to look more into that path.
At first it was an option of getting to be an artist and still make a good living, but I fell in love with tattooing and I often say to myself that I should have just started straight out of high school.
I apprenticed for about two years in a small shop that primarily focused of traditional tattooing, so my strengths are in the traditional and neo traditional style, but I love to challenge myself with any project big or small of any style. I’ve been tattooing for since 2009 counting my apprenticeship and I’m looking forward to a long and interesting life in the tattooing industry.

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