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Hi, my name is Tyr! I’ve been fully immersed in art and making things since my childhood, so tattooing ended up feeling a natural expansion of mediums i enjoy using for making things.

Tattooing is something I approach as a ritual of adornment, regardless of the imagery. Marking the skin is done with intent and full attention to creating a calm and comfortable atmosphere for folx undergoing this process.
I enjoy tattooing a lot of different subject matter, but I favor dark artistry and horror based images, blackwork, abstract concepts incorporating shapes with human or animal anatomy, and plants/florals.
When I’m not tattooing I’m reading about its history, reading science fiction, writing poems, making drawings, hiking with my partner or tending to our plants, or seeing live music.

Tyr works Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri & Sat at our Highspire shop.
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