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My name is Stephan Karlisch. I have been tattooing since the year 2000 but didn’t get serious about it until I started working here at 717 back in 2008. I’ve been drawing most of my life and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Besides pencil to paper I also dabble in other mediums such as oil painting, light word work and random steampunk gadgets.
As far as tattooing I love to do anything original that keeps my mind occupied. You bring me an idea and we can run with it. Black and grey, color, small or large. Preferably large though. The bigger the better.
P.S. Tipping me with real animal skulls will really make my day!

Stephan works Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat at our Highspire shop.

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  1. Christian Holland says: March 30, 2015

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