I was there on the 717 day and there were so many people there and all of the employees knew what they had to do and did it in a timely manner. That day was my first time that I got a tattoo. You guys made me feel comfortable and understood how I felt. I was there with 4 of my kids and it was 2 of my kids & my 1st tat and we all had a good time. My kids made me get up early that day so they could try to be the 1st to be in line in which we were. Thank you for being so great at what you do.

I don’t know if you guys do alot of charity drives but I would love to see more fund drive for the children miracle network, in which my grandson is a CMN child. And the other charity fund raiser would be for a disease called tuberous sclerosis, this disease is so rare that some Dr.s don’t even know what it is. Thanks