My husband and I had been talking about getting my nipples pierced for a few months and I was very hesitant about it, but I really wanted to do it. We came across Gep at The Saturdays Market in Middletown, and talked to him about it. We had been to a few other shops and weren’t very comfortable with them. He had answers for all of our questions and we had been hearing a lot of positive things about 717. I decided to go through with it and went to the shop later that day. I thought, “This is going to be really uncomfortable having another man that I don’t even know touching that area of my body with my husband standing right there.” lol Gep was completely professional, and it wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. My husband even felt at ease with the whole thing because of his professionalism. I love my piercings, and show them off at every rally we attend! lol