I had went to another shop which my cousin told me to go to so I did and they treated me like total ass (Not 717 of course). I was promised by the owner, yes owner that he would do my tattoo (which I am so glad he didn’t because Jackie is simply an amazing tattoo artist). Anyway go down there blah blah blah everything all set to go being promised I would get a phone call the next day because he was drawing it up. No phone call. I call him, he’s not there. Try the next day and the next same story. So the last day I called I told them that you tell him this is definately NOT how you run a business. Promising people you will do their tattoo and not respond. Why couldn’t he have just said I can’t do it!! That’s when I found Jackie. Riley said stop up at a certain time to see what I want and that Jackie would be there and she was. Everything from that first phone call went so smooth and I can’t wait to come back and get it finished and get more. THAT IS business-like to me. Jackie you’re the best!! Thank you sooo much. By the way my mother cried at my tattoo cause she thought it was so amazing. I can’t wait to see her expression when his eyes are done.