Jazmyn is a great artist! It’s awesome to see her work on my body. I explained a concept to her and she did the rest. She developed the cover-up based on multiple conversations that we had. She listens to what you want to accomplish and will add her own artistic twist. It’s a merging of your ideas with an artistic outlet. I am so pleased that she was the one that took my request when I went into the shop (I am sure everyone there is good, but I am singing the Jazmyn praises right now). I expressed to her that I would rather have black and greys but since it’s a cover-up I knew that I had to have some color involved. She did such an amazing job at making the rose deep and rich. I love it. I am going back so she can do an entire sleeve (it’s a 1.5 hr commute, but well worth the drive.) A word that I think is of paramount importance to a tattoo artist is trust, and I totally trust Jazmyn.