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Alexandra Herman

Describe 717 Tattoo In One Word: Exceptional
Explain why you chose that word: I walked in and right away someone helped me. I told them exactly what I wanted and it was a small piece but Steve had me in and out of there in under an hour without an appointment! He was funny and friendly and did my artwork quickly and it looks great. I had it done in a tricky area (under breast) and he was very professional!


Describe 717 Tattoo In One Word: Accessible
Explain why you chose that word: Having never been tattooed before, Steve took great care of me. After I initially came in, we came up with an idea and I was pleasantly surprised that it was all ready to go and with all the changes I only verbally mentioned to him when I came for my appointment. He explained the process to me, and I was comfortable throughout the whole process.
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Kera Smith

steve is great, love my tattoo. and hes really chill and cool!!! love the shop as well good environment!!!!!!!!!! i’ll deffinitely be back to get another tatttoo from steve