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Jacey S

Rene was extremely accommodating, and very polite. He worked on my tattoo for a few hours and even stayed way later then close. I am so pleased with my tattoo and thankful that he was so patient with finding the correct sizing and spot. His line work is incredibly done and I will be coming to him for any tattoo I decide I want in the foreseeable future, I highly reccomend him.

Karen W

Rene has done two of my tattoos. He is the best! Reasonable prices and he is always professional. I wouldn’t want anyone else to tattoo me! He’s thorough and friendly and I love his work. I’m already planning my next one for him to do!

Kailey Z

I got my first tattoo done here last night by Rene and he was absolutely amazing. There was excellent shading and detail. I couldn’t imagine it turning out any better. Not only an excellent artist, Rene has an amazing personality too. He got me in the day I made my appointment right after his last appointment of the day. He then stayed a few extra hours after the store closed to finish the tattoo. Absolutely an amazing experience and I see myself having much more of his work on me.

Nick R

If I could give it more then a 5 I would. Rene did a awesome job with my clock tower tattoo. He stayed later then closing time for the second session to finish it! And was able to perfectly fit in all the details! I highly recommend Rene for any tattoo needs! For every tattoo I will be getting in the future I know who to go to!!!


Tell Us About Your Experience: I got a tattoo by Rene a few months ago & I just wanted to say how amazing my experience was with him. I have been tattooed in the past by other artists not with 717 & have never had such a great experience. Rene was super friendly, had an awesome personality, was very clean & completely professional. Not to mention he did amazing work on my tattoo, the best tattoo I’ve ever gotten! I will recommend him to everyone I know!
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