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Katelyn T

I had a few examples for refs for a tattoo I wanted for my dogs. I went in for pricing and to show what I wanted done. I talked to Nate and he was pleasant and even gave more ideas for the design. I went and scheduled an appointment with him and when I went in the design he had drawn up was amazing and the finish product was beautiful. To see it finished on my arm made me so happy. I will definitely be back to have more tats done by Nate in the future.

Marcia Barrick

Describe 717 Tattoo In One Word: Exceptional
Explain Why You Chose That Word:: I chose exceptional because he made us feel welcome right from the start. He was very personable and made us feel very comfortable. I have had 2 other piercings and a tattoo done at 717. I will definitely be coming back to Nate for anymore piercings. He was very informative with aftercare and just an all around great guy. Thanks again!!
Anything Else You Want To Add? I really didn’t any issues with any of my experiences I had at 717, Nate just took it to another level. The shop is always clean and sterile. I would recommend 717 in Mechanicsburg to anyone!


Describe 717 Tattoo In One Word: Professional
Explain Why You Chose That Word:: When i first went into the shop. I was nervous, scared and had no idea what to say or feel about getting my belly done. Nate brought me in. Talked to me. Cleaned my stomic. Marked where the needle would go through. He had me look at the markings they look awesome. Than he had me lay down an put the clamp on witch hurt so bad. Than he said breath an he stuck the needle through. He kept asking if i was okay, how i was feeling, an he was just straight up amazing. Not only did he walk me through it he was straight up with how to clean an not touch the belly ring. My belly ring has been done for 2 weeks now an it looks absoutly amazing. He is a straight fw guy and knows what hes doing and what hes talking about.
Anything Else You Want To Add? Keep up the awesome work nate, i will be back in for more piercings.

Ashton Rife

Describe 717 Tattoo In One Word: Sterile
Explain Why You Chose That Word:: I chose the word sterile because I know that a sterile tattoo or piercing shop is one of the most sought after or biggest concern of someone looking to get a new tattoo or piercing. I can personally tell you that if you were to go see anyone at 717 you would not be disappointed. They are 100% sterile and safe and clean. Nate is one of the most sterile piercers I have ever gone too. When I was just there a little bit ago, I was getting my nose ring changed and he dropped the new nose stud in my lap after it had already been sterilized. He picked it up and proceeded to sterilize it again to make sure that it was clean and ready to go in my nose. Nate has done most of my piercings and he is very fast and accurate at his job. It is clear that he loves what he does and he loves the clientele that comes through the door every day. He is very easy to talk to and he gets along with just about everyone that is looking to start a conversation or make him laugh. 717 overall is just one of the best places to get a tattoo or piercing they are great at their jobs they’re very personable and they are very sterile.
Anything Else You Want To Add? Go get a tattoo or piercing today !!!