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Kennedy King

Tell Us About Your Experience: Nick was overall a great tattoo artist and I hope he can do any future tattoo ideas I have. It wasn’t awkward, he knew what he was doing, and I appreciate the amazing art he put on my arm. So, thank you, Nick.


Tell Us About Your Experience: Best work I’ve ever had done. Nick is a master at his craft and did outstanding work. He pays attention to detail and what I wanted. His style fits very well with me.

Danielle A.

I’m from out of town and I had my first session of my first full sleeve with Nick yesterday and WOW!! I was not expecting the work to be so amazing. Most of the first session he free handed what I wanted in my tattoo. The detail is beyond what I had imagined. I can’t wait to see how the rest of my sleeve turns out. I highly recommend booking with nick he will not disappoint. No matter where I’m living I will be coming back to this shop to have nick as my artist. Thank you for the amazing work.