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Aryn Commero

Describe 717 Tattoo In One Word: Exceptional
Explain Why You Chose That Word: : Everything about my experience at 717 In Columbia was exceptional! Both my tattoos were from Kevin who was referred to me by a friend. Kevin is an amazing artist, he makes you feel so comfortable and helps ease any fears, he will go out of his way to keep and to make a client happy, he will make your tattooing experience one of a kind. The shop is clean and well maintained, the staff is extremely helpful and friendly, as well as knowledgeable in their field of study.
Anything Else You Want To Add? I will never go anywhere else but 717. I love the dynamic and relationships the staff has with one another. They go out of their way to involve you in their conversations and jokes so you can feel like “one of the guys” it’s just an awesome experience overall.


Jeri Culbertson

Describe 717 Tattoo In One Word: Impressive
Explain Why You Chose That Word: I didn’t know what to expect for my first time in a tattoo business, I was impressed with the cleanliness & friendliness of everyone we talked to while there.
Anything Else You Want To Add? Kevin Martin did both my tattoos. I love his artwork & attention to details. His creativity fits with my style & the colors he uses are amazing! He’s great at bringing your ideas to life & is very personable. He made my first tattoo a great experience. I had nothing to worry about. I have gotten so many compliments for my tattoos! Thank you a Kevin!!!

Dusty Anne

I like your work Kevin! I definitely think I would like you to design my next tattoo!