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Paul H

Awesome experience, clean, great artists on staff! Emily is terrific!! She listens to what you want, makes suggestions and works with you to make sure you have the best tattoo you possibly could want! Her talent is amazing and I wouldn’t want to use anyone else!

Barry Shaffer

Tell Us About Your Experience: I just wanted to take a moment to thank Emily for the work she has put into my sleeve. I couldn’t be happier with her artistic abilities, that I now get to carry with me forever. I have been to many shops with work done by different artist however I am happy to say that I have finally found the artist for all of my future needs.

Doug Harper

Describe 717 Tattoo In One Word: Accessible
Explain Why You Chose That Word: I have always liked tribal designs and i put my trust in emily , she is an amazing artist, i only get black and grey tattoos. I was very happy with her work i have one tat that i still gotta get finished but i need the money first. I recomend her to everyony that asks abt my tats. Her and Dust did a few on my wife too. I love you guys and will never go anywhere else, THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH
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Aleta Howard

Describe 717 Tattoo In One Word: Exceptional
Explain Why You Chose That Word: Emily is an amazing artist!! She has done an incredibly awesome, professional job on my side tattoo. Emily has a great personality and an amazing artistic ability!! She encompassed everything I wanted in a spectacular side piece, that is scaled just right and a very esthetic appearance !! I would reccomend her talent to anyone!! Thank you Emily, Ready to start the other side!!!
Anything Else You Want To Add? 717 has a gem with Emily!!!


I’m extremely pleased with Emily Asylum. I contacted her, made an appointment; she booked me in and committed to the initial appointment as well as all the others.
As far as her work, I couldn’t be happier. I initially came in with some ideas; she improved upon them and made it even better. The results far surpassed my expectations!
As evidenced by her work on me, her work on this site and her personal drawings on the wall at her work station, this woman is highly talented and it’s for these reasons why I HIGHLY recommend her!

Angela Weinle

Emily is AMAZING, she has a true eye for detail and her vision is wonderful. I got my first Tattoo done by her and will be going back to her for any more work that I have done, She understands your vision and brings it to life. Her artistic ability is out of this world, and her passion runs threw her tattoo gun to you skin, You will not be disappointed with the end product. She brings true beauty to skin. Pure ART!