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Emily Getz

Anthony has done 2 gorgeous,bright and beautiful tattoos on me. He just does incredible work. And he’s so much fun. He’s funny, personable and creative. I love sitting in his tattoo chair. My only complaint is he makes me laugh. I highly, highly recommend him

Pamela Scull

I would highly recommend Anthony. His work is meticulous. He created a design for me that I loved and was able to transfer that image perfectly to exactly where I wanted to place the tattoo. He was patient, kind… understanding and skilled. For sure …planning to return again soon! Love my tattoo!

RD Borie

I wanted a tattoo on the top of my ear and was told that Anthony was the man! I showed him a picture on my phone and then he did my tattoo free-hand. It turned out better than I could have hoped!! Everyone who sees it says that they had never seen it done and that it is gorgeous!! Anthony did a fantastic job. We talked about what I wanted and he just got me! I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Thomas Hoy

Did a great job on my tattoo going to get it finished on June 30th 2018 I recommend anyone who wants a tattoo go to 717 tattoo

Dale W.

Just wanted to throw some love to 717tattoo for having Anthony Merchel there as an artist. His honesty and personality are only a few of his traits that make him a great fit there. You have a customer for life. I have found my home for ink.

Betty K

Anthony did a great job. He is very experienced. I was a walk in, the mood just hit me to get some ink, and thankfully I was not disappointed.Everyone is very cool and professional.


Anthony did a cover up for me. Quick look at the original tattoo, free handed a bit and the end result was phenomenal. Just what I was looking for. He was no BS, professional, and crushed it. Very happy and will be back!

Zöe Lefebvre

Describe Your Experience In One Word: Approachable
Explain Why You Chose That Word:: I say approachable because Anthony has a wicked cool personality and is good at making people laugh! Just a cool dude all together. (And he’s pretty good looking.)
Anything Else You Want To Add? I can’t see myself getting tatted or pierced anywhere else! Wicked fucking cool people and a rad environment. Love this place.


Describe Your Experience In One Word: Impressive
Explain Why You Chose That Word:: This was my first tattoo. I was concerned with how painful the tattoo would be. Anthony was very kind and helpful with his explaination of everything from start to finish. He was so warm and friendly. My favorite was how silly he was. It helped calm my nerves and made the experience so much easier. He did such a fantastic job and I would recommend him! Thank you Anthony!!!
Anything Else You Want To Add? Choose Anthony!

Zach Dougherty

Describe Your Experience In One Word: High Quality
Explain Why You Chose That Word: Anthony always does great work, that looks amazing. Quality tattoo’s with quality service.
Anything Else You Want To Add? Repeat customer of Anthony because of the customer service and quality work, tattoo’s stay looking good for life.


Describe Your Experience In One Word: Fun
Explain Why You Chose That Word: Anthony is a great artist and makes the experience enjoyable as well. Great work! Can’t wait to finish my piece. Probably going to him for all my future tattoos! Thanks!
Anything Else You Want To Add? Really like the people at the shop! Will be going here again definitely!