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Grace M

Ashley was absolutely phenomenal! I’m so glad I trusted her to do my piercings! The place was very clean and welcoming. I would highly suggest using this facility.

Tara Minguez

I received a tragus piercing from Ashley. She was awesome! She took the time to explain everything, answer my questions, and to make sure I was comfortable at all times during the process. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a piercer who is kind, knowledgeable, and professional! Thanks Ashley, the tragus is holding up well 🙂

Desiree M

Ashley is simply the best. I’ve gone to her for all of my body piercings and she’s so awesome. She takes the time to explain everything and answered all of my questions. I traveled over an hour for her this last time and will continue to do so.

Sarah D

Just got my rather small tragus pierced by Ashely and she made it so comfortable and worked with the small space she had! She previously did my nose piercing and it’s healed so perfectly I completely recommend going here for piercings!

Christiana S

Ashley is an amazinggggg piercer. Clean, knowledgeable, and all around awesome. She was able to open up some older piercings for me on this visit that I had let close. Shes done many other piercings for me over the years. HIGHLY recommend her!

Tori K

I have gotten 2 decent sized tattoos from Anthony. Love both of them! He’s great, very professional, easy going, and great to talk to. Can’t wait to get more done by him!! I also got my daith pierced by Ashley. It was quick and easy with a slight pinch. Overall great place to go! Everyone has a great personality and is very helpful !

Brandie Motley

Describe 717 Tattoo In One Word: Fun
Explain Why You Chose That Word: Well my mom and I was there and year ago and Ashley took care of us and we got our nose pierced ( mother daughter duo) lol. I know it took me forever to write this review but I just had to share this because she was fun calm and made our piercing quick. When I was having a bit of a problem with my pierced nose she was very concerned and told to make sure that it was healing properly. And sure enough it did. If I wanted to come back to get another piercing I would chose Ashley cause she is so freaking awesome with her clients I wouldn’t mind hanging out with her just for some drinks lol. Thanks Ashley I hope to see ya soon.
Anything Else You Want To Add? I know my feedback was to Ashley but I know the whole crew is very sweet and has great personality in there own way. The shop has very cool feel for clients to just sit and look. Even if you can’t have lil ones there it’s good. That’s a good place to have grown up time lol.